My first sex techer Bad Herrenalb (Baden-Württemberg)

When I look at this, my imagination runs wild! The gray stone with the deep green vegetation is absolutely stunning! And the blue sky in the open background.
from POPSUGAR Love & Sex . Everyone wants to know my secret at the holidays because the house smells so .. Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany | by Bernd Krueger on Flickr Christmas Market in Munich One of the first Pyramids I ever saw! . Tübingen, Baden - Württemberg, Germany - Explore the World with Travel Nerd.
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Great place to live. As I recall the rink was in the same building as the EM Club and was also used as the high school basketball court - right? Please, add any pics - it is free and you are welcome! We did a concrete tank trail in Manheim and a parking lot in Heilbronn. That was a great lesson as were many learned growing up in the Army Thank you so much for the pictures.